Indy 13: Movie Knives

This week we are trying something different! Instead of discussing the news of this hellworld, sit back and relax to the first ever Indy Movie Night. On this brand new edition, we read way to into the 2019 period piece Knives Out.

How is a movie from 2 years ago a period piece? Does this movie actually have good leftist takes? How many times will Trevor specifically use the same weird accent Daniel Craig has in this movie? Listen now to find out!

Indy 25: New Year, New Us The Indy

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  3. Indy 23: Canceld
  4. Indy 22: We might be Dune‘d
  5. Indy 21: A Wild Heel Turn

Podcast hosted and edited by Trevor Yeoman. Music composed and performed by Mark James Seitz. Header Photo from Wikipedia

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