The Indy: K.C. Cayo, Mayoral Candidates, And GameStop

In the latest episode of The Indy, K.C. Cayo discusses their write-in campaign for La Crosse Common Council, the team digs into the city’s mayoral candidates and Trevor does his best Jesse Ventura impersonation. Press play below, or find this episode of The Indy on the major podcast streaming platforms. Warning: Occasional adult language.

Indy 25: New Year, New Us The Indy

  1. Indy 25: New Year, New Us
  2. Indy 24: A Long Discussion with Brett Knudsen for Congress
  3. Indy 23: Canceld
  4. Indy 22: We might be Dune‘d
  5. Indy 21: A Wild Heel Turn

Podcast hosted and edited by Trevor Yeoman. Music composed and performed by Mark James Seitz.

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