Transit Advocates To Release Survey of Mayoral Candidates

La Crosse Area Transit Advocates (LATA) will celebrate National Transit Equity Day on Thursday, February 4, by publishing results of its survey of La Crosse mayoral candidates on local and regional public transportation online at

Mayor Tim Kabat is a public transit user and a strong advocate for public transportation in our city and region. LATA hopes to learn how our next mayor will value, promote, and prioritize our municipal and regional public transportation systems.

As we anticipate a return “to normal” after COVID-19, we must imagine and plan for systems that work better for everyone no matter their age, ability, or financial status. Good public transportation systems are important to city and family finances, public health goals, and commitments made to reduce carbon emissions. Those who don’t or can’t afford to own and maintain private vehicles should not be blocked from education, jobs, services, entertainment, shopping, and other aspects of life.

The survey release in La Crosse is one of hundreds of local events around the country that will draw attention to the importance of public transportation.

As local actions take place, an online National Community Hearing on Transit Equity on February 3 and 4 will highlight the voices of people from around the country working to guarantee that all riders from all walks of life have safe, affordable and reliable means of transportation to get to where they need to be, when they need to be there, without struggle, financial stress, or prejudice.

To access the LATA Mayoral Candidate Public Transportation Survey on February 4 and learn of other local transit advocacy activities, visit

For more information about the 2021 National Transit Equity Day, including the National Community Hearing on Transit Equity, see

LATA is a nonprofit organization educating about, advocating for, and supporting public transportation in the La Crosse area. The organization is a member of the Wisconsin Transit Riders Alliance, a statewide coalition of public transit advocates.

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