Mayoral Candidates Get Personal in Free Ope! Publishing Zine

Ope! Publishing has published a free zine in conjunction with La Crosse’s upcoming mayoral race that offers unique insights into the candidates running for the city’s top job.

Two-hundred copies of the zine will be distributed throughout the city on Monday, February 1. Check their facebook page (opepublishing) Monday evening for a list of where the zines ended up.  If you can’t find a printed copy, you can go to their website,, to read the zine online or download a printable version.   

The zine is the second issue of Ope!’s “For Eyes” series (a reference to the four “I’s” in “Mississippi”). Ope! sent four “I’s” (Inspiration, Indignation, Inception, and Intention) to each of the ten candidates, giving them free rein to respond to those four sentiments however they chose. The hope was that these responses would not only cast the candidates in a different light, but also illuminate the election itself, and the importance of local politics.

Ope! Publishing is a small publishing house run by two women hell-bent on creating art, stimulating discourse, and nurturing culture in La Crosse. Visit their webpage,, to see what they’re about and what they have done. Look for their upcoming publication with local artist Chase Gentry, a creature-feature coloring zine, due out in mid-Feb