Left Coast Wisconsin: Prisons & Farm Policy

On episode 2 of Left Coast Wisconsin, we interviewed Ben Prostine about Wisconsin’s prison system and its impact on rural and urban communities in the state. Then, Eric Timmons talks about the Wisconsin Farmers Union Supply Management proposal as a way to shield small farmers from the whims of the market. Check it out below. This episode is also available on Anchor and Spotify.

Left Coast Wisconsin – Interview with Ben Prostine – Episode 2 Left Coast Wisconsin

Preview Intro for Episode Interview – Ben Prostine. Poet, Writer for the La Crosse Independent, Activist and contributor to WDRT a Community Based Radio Station out of Viroqua, Wisconsin, where he is the host of Poems Aloud! https://wdrt.org/poems-aloud-may-day-special/ Crawford County Resident Link to his Mayday Show – https://www.wdrtradio.org/audio/ProstinePoetry4-14-19.mp3?_=1   Ben is a columnist for the La Crosse Independent, entitled “Prison Dispatch.” https://lacrosseindependent.com/2020/10/15/mass-incarceration-and-the-vernon-county-jail/ II. Ben’s Interview III. Mic Drop – Eric’s Bit – 1.  https://www.wisconsinfarmersunion.com/ 2. Supply Management video from the Wisconsin Farmers Union:       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCD-prKQFeM IV. Ethical Consumer Promo V.  Podcast Description, Vision and such. A. Politics & Social issues: Locally Focused with an eye on Washington. B.  Support us at https://www.patreon.com/lacrosseindependent 1. Full interviews 2. Early Access 3. Early Guest Info – A chance to have your question asked of the guest! 4.  Guest Suggestions Considered! VI. Closing & Credits A. Music & Sound Effects 1. Theme – “Little Hat” Written by John Nokavic and Performed by Bojo’s       Mojo and used by permission of John Nokavic. 2. Mic Drop Theme – | FREE FOR PROFIT | – Fast Rapper Type Beat – Rap/Hip Hop Instrumental Type Beat, KingF available at https://youtu.be/5cGfxwQyHKc — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/leftcoastwisconsin/message
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