The Indy: Kind Country, Rudy And Health Care

On the latest episode of the Indy podcast, the team are joined by local activists to discuss universal health care and Rep. Ron Kind. Trump and Rudy’s latest legal shenanigans are also on the agenda, before Lincoln challenges Derrick Van Orden to a debate. Derrick, if you are reading this, email us at if you are up for the challenge. Press play below, or find this episode of The Indy podcast on the major streaming platforms. Warning: Occasional adult language.

Indy 20: Protecting Health Care with Joella Striebel The Indy

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  5. Indy Ep 16: Moratorium Blues

Podcast hosted and edited by Trevor Yeoman. Music composed and performed by Mark James Seitz. Top image credit: Psubhashish/CC-BY-SA-4.0

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