What Happens When Real News Hangs Out With Fake News?

The Indy podcast is back with a new episode featuring the team behind satirical news site the La Crosse Times. This is a fun and wide-ranging conversation, featuring some colorful language. Click play below, or find this episode on the major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple or Google podcasts).

Indy Ep 7: Working Toward a New Deal The Indy

The Indy is back with a much delayed episode! This week (back in early March) we are joined by William Garcia of the La Crosse Democratic Party to discuss what it means to be a Democrat and hash out differences between more mainstream members of the party and some people on the outside.   Much thanks to William Garcia for joining us!   As always support us on Patreon And find more content at https://lacrosseindependent.com/ Check out West Coast Wisconsin for more La Crosse Independent Podcast content, available on all major podcast apps! Music composed and preformed by Mark James Seltz – Sections taken from Heliotrope 4. Find more at his soundcloud here -> https://soundcloud.com/mjseitz
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