Trev Talks EP03: Why is Gundersen suing its own workers?

On the new episode of Trev Talks, we talk about Gundersen suing its own employees and how union workers are fighting back. This episode is also available for download on the major streaming platforms.

Indy 23: Canceld The Indy

This time! We sit down to discuss the newest entrant to the race to replace Ron Kind, discuss the ongoing trial in Kenosha and finish up with a bit of discussion of cancel culture and a new group of individuals who have joined this… "counter-movement"   Lincoln Plugs! December 4th, 2021 at 7pm! Big Bluff Comedy is back at a new location! Check out the Facebook Event January 22nd, 2022 at 7pm! Live From La Crosse is doing their next live show! Check it out here!   And find more content at Check out West Coast Wisconsin for more La Crosse Independent Podcast content, available on all major podcast apps! New episodes coming soon! Music composed and preformed by Mark James Seltz – Sections taken from Heliotrope 4. Find more at his soundcloud here ->
  1. Indy 23: Canceld
  2. Indy 22: We might be Dune‘d
  3. Indy 21: A Wild Heel Turn
  4. Indy 20: Protecting Health Care with Joella Striebel
  5. Indy Ep 19: Blue Baby Blues

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