Trev Talks EP03: Why is Gundersen suing its own workers?

On the new episode of Trev Talks, we talk about Gundersen suing its own employees and how union workers are fighting back. This episode is also available for download on the major streaming platforms.

Indy 9 : Recapping the News The Indy

The Indy is back again this week with some updates. We begin by recapping an important trial, then dive into Biden's joint address to congress and how the president wants to take your burgers.   We end with the first ever Indy Reading Series, and begin to debate the finer points of Modern Monetary Theory.   As always support us on Patreon And find more content at Check out West Coast Wisconsin for more La Crosse Independent Podcast content, available on all major podcast apps!
  1. Indy 9 : Recapping the News
  2. Indy Ep 8: Change
  3. Indy Ep 7: Working Toward a New Deal
  4. Indy Ep 6: Writing it In featuring K.C. Cayo
  5. Indy Ep 5: Listen Jack

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