Trev Talks EP03: Why is Gundersen suing its own workers?

On the new episode of Trev Talks, we talk about Gundersen suing its own employees and how union workers are fighting back. This episode is also available for download on the major streaming platforms.

Indy Pod Ep 1: A Brave New Same Old World The Indy

Hello and welcome to the new and improved La Crosse Independent Podcast!   We will upload every two weeks, usually around Sunday, a recap of news, culture and maybe sports to keep you updated in the Coulee Region!   On this weeks episode we introduce the new hosts, discuss the Presidential Election Fallout and discuss our imminent future!   Apologies for some of the audio issues near the end, we are working on a solution.
  1. Indy Pod Ep 1: A Brave New Same Old World
  2. If You Build it They Will Come – Discussion Live in Viroqua
  3. A Conversation with The La Crosse Times
  4. Trev Talks 3: Stand Against Medical Debt on 8/2
  5. Trev Talks 2: Doctor Mark Neumann

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